Smart Data Recovery

Data Backup

Secure Data Protection and Backup

Smart Data Recovery is one of the World leading data backup and recovery specialists in the middle east. Our main aim is 100% safety and customer satisfaction .We can backup the data very seriously and, securely. We continually improve our service and technology. Private company or corporate companies lose valuable data because of viruses, hardware failure, theft or other issues. You can safe the data 100% Secure and guarantee with smart data recovery. The only one scratched proof data safe and disaster recovery company in the middle east.

Why? The data backup and protection important!

Unrecoverable data loss costs businesses billions of Dollars. The Data not secured from Natural disasters, even human mistakes etc, more than 50% of smaller businesses never recover from data loss and not affordable data recovery expenses. For multinational/corporate companies, loosing data that affects billions of customers and employees can be overcome.

Backup and Data Security

Daily Day/Night Scheduled backup Incremental Backup (Everyday work) Fully monitored by clients 100% Secure with Key Easily Accessible Very Affordable 256 Bit Encryption SFTP access and Direct Access with Security Key Our Data Backup Procedure is totally painless AMC/Specific Term Contract Available

How we Secure data?

Our Majority is the importance of safety and Security of your valuable Data. We have Offline / Online Backup, Day / Night scheduled Backup and off Site Backup. We Arrange special server inside your company and safety of your data for a life time in case your company policy doesn’t allow the backup data to external server. We assure the data will be monitor 24 hours.